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About Us

Indian Almond Leaves trusted supplier (i.e. Terminalia catappa, Ketapang Leaves or Seemandelbaumblätter) for fish, frogs (dendrobates), ornamental shrimps, betta, angels, discus, plecos and arowana based in Selangor, Malaysia.

We pick, clean, sort, grade and pack Indian Almond Leaves ourselves and we do not source these leaves from anyone else. In fact, we are supplying our products to many parts of the world to both end users and businesses. We have clients from the US, Canada, South Korea, Hong Kong, Australia, Russia, Belgium, Netherlands, Greece and even in the middle east.

When it comes to quality control, we have a very strict process that ensures only the products with the best quality reach the hands of our customers. Our products are guaranteed to be free from infection, fungus and bacteria. They are clean and safe to be kept in the water tank.