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Indian Almond Leaves for Arowana

Indian Almond Leaves for Arowana

Indian Almond Leaves or its scientific name “terminalia catappa” is very useful in the arowana breeding world. The diverse benefits make it possible for certain individuals to become a regular supplier in the industry. The dried leaves of the Indian Almond Leaves will usually produce concentrated chocolate color when mixed with water. This solution is filled with organic acids such as tannin and humic. This organic substance will respond to lower PH water, absorbing harmful chemicals and thereby creating a comfortable environment for the arowana fish.

However, the presence of very large quantity of Indian Almond Leaves will cause harm to your arowana because these leaves will cause the aquarium PH or your pond to drop dramatically and this condition can cause the death of the arowana when PH water is less than 6.8. Therefore, the quantity of Indian Almond Leaves needs to be adjusted with the PH of your arowana fish. Good water quality is at PH 6.8-7.5. While the ideal temperature is 27C-29C. Many believe the function of the Indian Almond Leaves is just as much “black water” as it is available in the market. In conclusion, this Indian Almond Leaves is best suited to eliminating the “stress” of your arowana fish.

Indian Almond Leaves for Arowana Crossback

If your fish such as Arowana, Guppy, Betta , Tetra, Gourami, Apistos are ‘unhealthy’ like cuts or scales, put a piece of Indian Almond Leaves. Indian Almond Leaves are a source of medicine for fish due to:

  • Lower the alkaline water pH.
  • Get rid of bacteria and harmful chemicals.
  • Absorbs iron and manganese metals.
  • Create comfortable water conditions for pet arowana.

Indian Almond Leaves when soaked in water will form organic acid solutions such as humic and tannins. Indian Almond Leaves will lower the pH of the water, absorb iron and manganese metals and create a comfortable water condition for freshwater arowana fish as if it were a habitat in the river or marsh. Acid released by Indian Almond Leaves attempts to kill bacteria in the aquarium.


Rinse Indian Almond Leaves before being immersed in an aquarium filter tank. After 1-2 days the Indian Almond Leaves will sink. Indian Almond Leaves will produce colorants and change the color of water. This dye from Indian Almond Leaves contains tanic acid and natural organic substances for the arowana pet environment. Remove the Indian Almond Leaves after 10 days of use. Suggestion 1 pieces of Indian Almond Leaves for 20 liters of water.


Boil Indian Almond Leaves to produce blackwater starch and use when needed. Blackwater can also be produced from soaking leaves for 10 days.

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