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Indian Almond Leaves for Betta Fish

Indian Almond Leaves for Betta Fish

The Indian Almond Leaves have been used since generations by most breeders of Betta Fish and are believed to be able to provide the extraordinary energy. Indian Almond Leaves soaking water is good enough for Betta Fish because the benefits of its soaking water are able to provide energy and also reducing stress for Betta Fish.

Indian Almond Leaves contain Humin and Tunnin acids that can reduce the value of ph or acid in water. However, the selected Indian Almond Leaves must be dry because only dried can give optimum water for Betta Fish. This can not only treat the wounds on Betta Fish but also can provide energy for the mournful Betta Fish and for the control. Indian Almond Leaves water is slightly brownish.

Indian Almond Leaves are the best alternative to Betta Fish to replace blackwater. Indian Almond Leaves have a wide and large shape. Indian Almond Leaves are not only used for Betta Fish but also this ketapang leaf is also used by fishers for arowana, koi fish and many fish that are mostly freshwater fish, among other benefits of Indian Almond Leaves can act as killer bacteria that can bring illnesses to fish.

Indian Almond Leaves for Betta Fish Benefits

Among the benefits of Indian Almond Leaves for Betta Fish

  1. Indian Almond Leaves can lower the value of Ph / Acid in alkaline water.
  2. Act as a killer of bacteria that can cause disease to Betta Fish.
  3. Treating wounds on Betta Fish.
  4. Prevent Betta Fish from fighting disease.
  5. Optimize the health of Betta Fish.
  6. Stimulate the formation of bubbles by Betta Fish.
  7. Absorb and disinfect chemicals in water such as heavy metals (copper, zinc, aluminum, cadmium).
  8. Ensuring Betta Fish is always active and healthy.
  9. Prevent fry / baby betta fish from getting sick.
  10. Betta Fish will feel like in its dark natural habitat.
  11. Promotes the growth of beautiful Betta Fish tails and restore fins, tails and damaged skin.
  12. Reducing stress / depression Betta Fish.
  13. A comfortable situation for Betta Fish.

Attention / Warning

  • Excessive use of Indian Almond Leaves can cause unstable Ph water values ​​as well as endangering the lives of Betta Fish.
  • Indian Almond Leaves should be clean and dry leaves. Indian Almond Leaves that have not been fully dried do not benefit nor can it harm Betta Fish.

How To Use Indian Almond Leaves For Betta Fish / Fish

  1. A piece of dried Indian Almond Leaves is immersed in a container / aquarium.
  2. The pieces of the Indian Almond Leaves can be removed or removed after the water turns yellow to aim for space for the Betta Fish.
  3. For a little use Indian Almond Leaves can be cut into pieces. 2-3 cut pieces are enough to change the color of the water to yellowish.
  4. Can be used when Betta Fish is sore or stressful.
  5. It can also be used for a healthy Betta Fish to prevent any illness as well as to provide side effects (for mating).
  6. Indian Almond Leaves are changed once every 1-2 weeks.
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